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Alright, here's what i've been thinking about as far as next offseason goes...

Managing Cap Space:
-What happened with Montreal and New York this past offseason, that wont be happening again. Every GM now knows how the NHL Salary Cap and Organization Salary Cap now work. All of this information is easily available in the contract screen. However, you will have to add the salaries of the "In The System" players to your Cap space as well.

Its the GM Responsibility to manage their cap space. This is such a huge part of being a GM in real life and it should play an equally important role in NHL 13. If you dont have cap space to sign your players then you dont have cap space. Thats a very real occurence in the real NHL (see 2010 Blackhawks)

Strict Schedule:
Easily the biggest offseason issue was Boston losing Lucic and Marchand to Free Agency. This happened largely in part due to the loose schedule i had for the offseason, which was caused by a total lack of understanding on how many sim periods were involved in the offseason. I got over anxious, wanted to get things done as quickly as possible so to allow GMs to get back to the regular season ASAP. This was a mistake. The Offseason is an important process and i need to treat it as such. This is how the offseason will be broken down from now on...

AP=Advance Period

AP 1: This is during the Stanley Cup Finals round. In this AP, all GMs are required to set their Draft Priority

Day 1-->AP 2 (Jan. 7th): After NYR trades his 1st to CBJ, i'll be simming all the way up THROUGH the Draft. Bringing us to the first eligible day to send contracts to our UFAs and RFAs. GMs will then have 24 hours to submit their offers.

*I have 2-3 more advances inbetween here that i may use for the most active GMs to immediately see if their players signed or not

Day 2-->AP 3 (Jan 8th): I'll then advance the schedule again, bringing us to Jan 8th. At this point, GMs will then have another 12 hours to submit counter offers to their players if they have rejected them.

Day 2-->AP 4 (Jan 9th): I'll then advance the schedule again, bringing us all the way through to July 1st. GMs will be given an additional 12 hours to manage any freak occurences that happened during AP 2 & 3.

Day 3-->AP 5 (Jan 10th): I'll then advance the schedule to July 2nd, which will be the Official 1st day of Free Agency. During this time period, GMs will have 24 hours to submit offers to any player they like. Any and all players not signed by GMs i.e. lost to Free Agency, are available to any and all GMs.

Day 4-->AP 6 (Jan 11th): Gms will be given until sometime the next night to send any further offers they wish to send.

Day 4-->AP 7 (Jan 13th): Free Agency will have been finished. The Regular Season will have begun.

***Throughout this entire process, i'll be expecting GMs to send me "Confirmation" PMs telling me they've submitted their contracts

..This will be done because if (IF) every GM has submitted their offers i'll be able to advance to the next AP earlier than listed. Early Advances will only happen if every GM has submitted a PM to me.===============================================

Free Agency:
Free Agency needs to be a real thing in this league. It doesn't exist just as a process for me to sim through. Its designed for other GMs to be given a chance to improve their teams. Especially since i put a limit on trades, Free Agency offers a potential league shakeup and boost to other teams.

I will not, NOT be lenient next offseason. My schedule is going to be very strict. GMs are going to have to pay attention and be active during this time period because its not fair to the rest of the league for an entire process like this to be ignored due to your inactivity. This means you have to get on xbox live, and send GOOD contracts in a timely manner and do whatever you need to do in order to sign your players. Any players that fall to Free Agency...thats just too damn bad. If Toews and Kane BOTH for some reason just refuse to sign with Chicago and/or i cannot afford their cap hits (EVEN due to the "In the System" effect) then that means i lose Toews and Kane.

In Summary:
The Offseason is going to be a 4 Day Process. Yes, it sucks. I know it sucks. I want to get back to playing games just as much as you all do. But unless EVERY GM sends me a PM, consider this the schedule. I cannot stress this enough. It is your responsibility to...

1) Manage your Cap Space
2) Follow the above mentiond Schedule
3) Be Active and knowledgeable about the ongoings of the league during this time
================================================== ============


-No trade can involve more than 4 Roster Players (combined from both teams)
-No trade can involve more than 6 total pieces (combined from both teams)

-GMs are allowed Two Trades Per Season. These two trades can be used at any time from Day 1 of the Offseason until the Trade Deadline.

This is the rule that both directly and indirectly separates this league from the rest. Trades are supposed to be a big deal. A trade is the literal removal of assets from your team in place of other assets in order to make the team better. Its not something that real GMs take lightly. The success of their team and their jobs depend on how well their decisions pan out. One of the major reasons so many other leagues unfortunately dont work out is because people get so excited about making trades that they forget their team needs, how close their team is to a cup, how these deals will impact their present and future.

Sorry for the wait boys, im waiting for NYR to get back so he can send CBJ his 1st pick at which point I can sim through the draft. Also my computer and phone BOTH broke so im kinda S.O.L although I should be getting my phone fixed here within a few days.

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