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Originally Posted by Sasso09 View Post
You ARE in the minority, eberle is a star already, and he's only going to get better.... How does he not have franchise player ability? With Hall there's some signs and proof he could be but the way he plays he will have a shortened career.. Yakupov is the complete unknown and looked really Medicore in the WJC. Eberle is the clear choice right now, if you'd take hall or yak over him you're enamoured by the flashy draft and position on potential.... I like to gamble and all but let me break down what I'm trying to say

- Eberle IS a PPG player at least... I expect him to score 80-90 every year

Having a good year doesn't make you a franchise player. Getting drafted 1st overall means there's a consensus among scouts and most NHL franchises that you're good enough to carry a team. Franchise players aren't simply players who score a lot, they're players you can build your team around. Eberle is a strong core player but he'll never be the cornerstone a team builds around. An example from your Blackhawks is Marian Hossa. Great player and he's hit 40 goals 3 times and 100 pts but he's NOT a franchise player and never will be.

- you can only hope hall or yakupov score 90 a year, and they both have a chance to be 60 point players if hall can't play enough games and yakupov doesn't translate to the NHL

I see! So I can only hope 1st overall picks Hall or Yakupov can score 90 points a year on the same team with Eberle and RNH. If, of course, the Oilers get lucky and Yakupov isn't a bust or if Hall can ever stay healthy as you seem to be implying......but Couturier is "all but guaranteed to be a perennial Selke candidate" and I'M IN THE MINORITY?

If you're into extreme odds gambling then sure take yakupov and hall. Hall is a better player IMO, don't get me wrong, he's the best of the 3 but I have concerns with his health. Yakupov I don't see how you take him over eberle... At all
The injury prone argument is old and tired now. He's had 2 freak injuries that were not hockey plays and a bum shoulder he's had since junior surgically repaired this offseason. He still managed to get drafted 1st overall and win two memorial cup MVP's but Couturier slipped because of Mono, yup that's it. I'm not going into this any deeper, Oilers fans are sick of talking about this. If you need more info go ask the guys in the Oilers board who generally agree that Hall>Eberle.

Yakupov is not a complete unknown he's a consensus 1st overall pick. This is based on his performance in junior and despite a "poor WJC performance" as you say he was still Russia's best player. Furthermore, if you're basing Yakupov's draft pedigree because of a poor WJC why are you so high on Couturier? In the 2011 WJC hj had 3 points in 7 games and was otherwise invisible. You just keep contradicting yourself.

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