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01-06-2013, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
It doesn't "lend against" anything. See this is exactly what I'm talking about... people will actually believe that headline and not read the article or the study. The term "climate change proponent" is hilarious too. How about we just settle for "science proponent". Are sea levels not rising? Are polar bears not going extinct? If anything this stuff is happening faster than most scientists predicted.
see, people like you say crap like this as if its fact which is just as wrong as your supposed "sensationalist" headlines. Do you have proof to back that up? I doubt it... even if you can come up with a link or two i could probably find other links to refute yours...

'climate change" has been happening as long as there has been climate.... its never static....

the sad thing is that our society has become so accustomed to getting information in "sound bite" size that actual meaningful discussion rarely ever occurs in public media any more...

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