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01-06-2013, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Hophog View Post
I'm with you on this but too many short cited people will disagree. A fan union would be nice but I can see already that all is forgiven and fans are saying bring on the games. We are as clueless and as dimwitted as Betman predicted. I'll watch on TV and I'm happy to have hockey back but I won't be buying any tickets or anything with an NHL logo on it for a long while.

I was all for supporting the league after the last lockout in hopes of growing the sport and that lockout was much more necessary for the health of the game but this time I would really like to see a message sent.

It would give me much joy to see fans unite if just for only one night. Empty arenas around the country for the first game of the shortened season would send a significant message, I disagree that nobody would notice. I think it would be a huge embarrasment for the leagues and the players (if it's possible that they could be any dumber at this point) and would send the message that we are capable of holding them accountable. A united fan base would terrify both players and owners. I can dream, right?
I want to watch hockey. I really don't give a **** about anything else here. It's a form of entertainment that I enjoy. Depriving myself of it in hopes that enough other people do the same that the billionaires notice would be dimwitted.

If you can get every fan to unite, great. But its a dream that has no chance of ever happening.

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