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Originally Posted by The Head Crusher View Post
Now that the NHL season has been salvaged anyone have preference to days?
Was just coming in to put something up about this..

vBookie Schedule 2013 season

Sundays - Kristia
Mondays -
Tuesdays - The Head Crusher
Wednesdays - The Head Crusher
Thursdays - Tachycineta
Fridays - Tachycineta
Saturdays - Kristia

Just a reminder for those interested in helping out.
Before the season starts a request for event makers will be placed in this thread. Any sponsor or Mod can ask to be added to make events until the list is full.

Event makers are responsible to create events on their assigned days. This includes the entire season, as well as, the playoffs.

Events should be up no later than 3:30PM ET or atleast 3 hours before the first game starts. (If odds are not up by this time anyone else may put them up) The sooner the events are up the better, most odds are out the night before.

Should you be unable to posts your events, please let us know ASAP so we can find someone to fill in.

Event makers have 24 hours after the event ends to settle the bet. After that time you may contact the vBookie Team Leader to help with settling an event. vBookie Team Leader: Kristia28 -

A How to on making vBookie events can be found here:

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