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Originally Posted by WineShark View Post
I was up at 3 AM and saw the announcement. I was like .... who cares? Then I wondered if anyone posted the news on HFB and found I was hours late in finding out. Then I wondered if the few that were ahead of me on the news were going to be representative of the masses ... drop the puck .... or if people were going to be ambivilent like I was feeling.

By 4 AM I'd watched all the Canadian video feeds and finally got back to bed. This morning, I'm combing through news articles to get up to speed. So .... by my actions, I guess ambivilent isnt the right term for me. I am clearly a hard-core fan and my actions are ahead of my emotions. I can predict that I will be watching every game on TV for sure. I might be mad, but I'll watch because its the best sport out there.

And ... if you want to sell some of the game tickets or need company for a game, I'll sit with you in that empty arena this year for a game or two of the 24 that will be played.

PS - pisses me off that the Kings don't have a Cup hangover .....
I too would go to a hockey game with someone. I think while I'm still angry by this whole thing, the experience at a hockey game is unlike any other. With that said, I'm probably not going to any sharks games this season. Maybe next season.

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