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Originally Posted by canucksfan View Post
There are three issues, goaltending, coaching and speed.

Mental preparation does matter but I think that goes along with coaching too.

Just thinking about it now and besides Spott I think Canada has had pretty good coaching recently.
People who analyze this for a living and (understandably) know more about that than either one of us...agree with me.

Anyone out there who thinks we are worse now than we were in terms of skill than 10 years ago...or that we are somehow falling behind in terms of talent...has zero credibility with me. They obviosly do not follow the game like I do.

Every nation produces great players, from Finland to Sweden to Canada to Russia, etc.

The difference for us has always been things like leadership, preparation, and effort. THAT is were we have fallen off.

Take the 1993 team. Remember them (if you are old enough)? The reason that team won gold when they were easily weaker than Sweden on paper was because they had guys rise to the occasion (Manny Legace). It wasn't that Manny was so much better than any other goalie in that tourney, it was that he and the rest of that team rose to the occasion.

Why did they do that? I am not sure. I am not in charge of Hockey Canada. But that is where we have lost our way, and we need to look at ways to find that again.

In terms of skills progression and system work, other countries still use Hockey Canada as the model, so it is ridiculous to say that it is our skill development. Those types of statements are made by people have no idea about the inner workings of Hockey Canada.

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