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Originally Posted by jonas2244 View Post
Indeed, that was great. You could also see how much influence he had and how much he talked to the players. He took the right decisions, found the right lines and played the same lines for the whole tournament. Well done.

I was not that happy with him at the IHWC where he took wrong decisions, juggling lines, having just 10 healthy attackers at the last game. Which was also because of the rules, that's true. I think he's the right man, he's the right person to bring in young players and replace the older ones when it is the right time.

There was never a Swiss national coach who had such skilled players in his rosters. We're surley not yet where CZE, FIN and the others are, but we're getting nearer.
I agree with you about the global quality of the players. Definitely this roster was powerful.
With this roster, we were at the CZE or FIN level (imho) ... undoubtedly.

As per his wrong decisions, sometimes great people make mistakes (sometimes great mistakes). That's life.
I also did not agree with all he did. (in this M20 WCJ) the SO was a catastrophe ! with strange attitude from players = coaching problem ? not out of question ...
I still like him as a coach and believe that he is a gem for Swiss Hockey.

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