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01-06-2013, 03:15 PM
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2013 Draft

Looks like the NHL made an adjustment to the draft lottery starting n 2013. All 14 non-playoff teams are no eligible to win the #1 draft pick. Previously, only the #2 - #5 worst teams could win the draft lottery and pick #1, with the worst team having a huge percentage 25% for winning the lottery themselves, plus the #6 to #14 worst teams winning the lottery and only moving up 4 slots, thus ensuring that the worst team maintained the top pick, which was about 23% give or take. So, the worst team had around a 48% chance of retaining the top pick.

I believe since the lottery was created for the 1995 draft, only a couple of teams have ever won the lottery below the #5 seed.

1995 - LA won and moved up to #3
1999 - Chicago won and moved up to #4
2011 - NJ won and moved up to #4

Wonder if this will have an impact in the future when it comes to teams trading their first round picks. Not going to affect top level teams that know they are going to make the playoffs, but could affect teams that are borderline playoff teams.

Jackets own the Rangers and Kings picks this year, so if either of those teams gets off to a bad start or runs into a bunch of injuries, suddenly the Jacket's chances of landing the #1 pick increases.

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