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12-11-2003, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by flamesfan01800
I want to know peoples opinion on some of the flamers players and mayb wut there worth.

The first being Roman Turek and huge ass salary for the flames anyways. How many yrs does he have left anyways on it and wut do u think he would warrant in return. I would like to see the flamers try and mayb get one of buffalos three goalies for some sort of prospects or somthing.

The second being Craig Conroy. He would be a good 2nd or 3rd line center on most teams but here in Calgary hes relied on a bit more for scoring. I know of the rumors that were swirling around about gomez coming to calgary for him but I dont think jersey would do that. Wut would craig warrant in return.

Last being jarome iginla. I believe his contract is over at the end of the yr but mayb not and I have no idea wut he is gonna want money wise since his really good break out yr where he was the hart finalist and now he has slowed up a bit. wut possible teams could have an interest for him and wut would he warrant.
Turek is worthless. He has almost no value. He is probably on par with Tommy "Duck!!!" Salo or Curtis "Man that's a lot of money" Joseph. No one is going to bite on him. The Flames are stuck with him. Odds of being traded: Zero

Conroy will likely attract some interest come the trade deadline. What he can bring will be interesting. It could be a player or two, or a couple of prospects and draft picks. His present value is as hard to nail down as jello using a marshmellow hammer. Odds of being traded: Even

Iginla is an intriguing player. He is grossly over-paid, but has huge talent and potential. He'e been the only talent in Calgary for so long that its hard to guage/consider what he could do with some help. His contract might scare some teams away, but he might be very attractive come trade deadline when the majority of that contract has been paid. I don't see the Flames trading him unless the return is unbelievable. Odds of being traded: 100 to 1

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