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Originally Posted by gecko002 View Post
I think that show of encouragement can be delivered by Gillis in way of a phone call, not an invite. If Corrado may be traded by the deadline to a team like, say, Belleville I'd rather not ruin any trade opportunities Sudbury may have by calling him up.
I can't see Belleville or any other OHL contender making a run at getting Corrado if he may be called up to VAN. I think the quicker the Canucks make a decision on him and announce it, the better.
Agreed, although if the OHL moves their trade deadline, then bring him along for the experience.

Were this a normal camp, where you get the rookies in first, and then you graduate to main camp and work on stuff, and it's very much an educational experience, then yeah I'd be all into calling him up. But it's not. This is going to be a short-term get-everyone-on-the-same-page-and-let's-go thing, and I don't see the benefit in him coming up unless there's a realistic likelihood that he makes the team, which I don't think there necessarily is.

I guess, from the Canucks point of view, you could argue that it's better to bring him up so that he can play with the team if someone breaks their hip at camp or something.

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