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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
How many of them had Canada coming home without a medal of any color?
About half a dozen, including me! I have been critical of the coaching all along: lack of discipline, poorly coordinated play, especially in the offensive zone, shaky special teams play (the hallmark of coaching), coaches and players whining about the officiating, reliance on underachieving goalie too much instead of spreading work around early in tourney (to have a goalie EARN the starter's job), etcetera.

Before the tourney I had predicted Russia win the gold, USA the silver and Finland the bronze because those three teams actually looked good pre-tourney. Some posters said I was being un-Canadian by daring to predict that Canada will lose. I replied that my love of the game of hockey is borne of my Canadian upbringing, the land and history of my country, and that blind patriotism seems a bit un-Canadian to me, and nothing more Canadian than a humble admission to being something other than number one; many great Canadian writers have reflected on the Canadian identity and spoken of an inferiority complex, of a cordial lack of hierarchy, of a mindset that founded the United Nations, and so on.

When the puck dropped I cheered "Go Canada go". And when they lost it hurt. But at no point was I surprised. My gut and head were telling me that the team I saw pre-tourney against Finland and Sweden was not built to win, and that team didn't change much during the tourney.

Anyways,... it was good to see competitive hockey, and now that the NHL isd back baby, I can do another Canadian thing: cheer for my favorite NHL teams (some of which are not in Canadian cities but have a helluva lot of Canadian players, coaches, management, fans and roots). Go Sharks! Go Caps! Go Canucks!

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