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Originally Posted by TAnnala View Post
Would it really surprise you. He raved about it last year too. I remember him being so pissed off when everyone was picking Selanne ahead of Jagr in points. After the season passed Jags6868 disappeared.

But, i have to admit. Jagr is looking seriously good this time. I expect him to do better than last season. Not Art Ross contender, but top-30/20 range maybe?
I can see where you're coming from but back in 2011-12, in the first 40 games, Jagr had 41 Pts., he was playing at a PPG pace, this was before his injury and this was despite taking a good 10 games to re-accustom himself to the faster paced game in the NHL after playing on the bigger ice for 3 seasons. He was in the top 10 in scoring for those first 40 games. If you believe he will be better this year, then don't you think he can have a better 48 game stretch than he did last year when he was PPG?

The Flyers didn't give him as much icetime and he didn't get the chance to play in position on the powerplay (on the right half boards). Look for Dallas to give him more icetime and more responsibilities to lead the offense. When Jagr is given more responsibilities, he does better.

Jagr's knock last year was that he no longer had the legs and was too slow to keep up with the faster pace of the new NHL.

He is now 220 lbs, (20 lbs lighter than last season) and looks much faster and quicker than he has at any point in the last 10 years. He never even looked close to being this fast in New York and he was often dominant then.

I see a Jagr closer to 2006-07 and 2007-08 playoffs than to 2010-11.

There was a study done a few years back that said that 74% of the points scored in the Czech Extraliga translated to NHL points while the KHL it was 73%.

This mean that Jagr's 1.67 PPG would translate to 1.24 PPG and over 48 games that's 60 Pts. I really don't see 10 players scoring more than 60 points in 48 games, a handful if that many (BTW Jagr's team got blanked last game and before that game, Jagr was averaging 1.72 PPG).

The reason why the Czech scoring translate to more points than the KHL scoring is because the Czech Extraliga game is played on NHL size rinks while the KHL game is played on larger European sized rinks.

If we were to go by this 74% Czech scoring translation and 73% KHL scoring translation then you would have this;

Malkin had 1.72 PPG which is 1.26 PPG and 61 Pts over 48 games. Jagr would finish with 60 Pts or 61 Pts.

That looks like Jagr could challenge for the Art Ross if you ask me since many think Malkin will be the favorite to repeat as scoring Champion.

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