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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
That seems a bit high, and I'm not trying to argue it one way or the other, but if they have at least the NHL avg for ticket prices ($55 per ticket), and with paid attendance of an avg of 15-16K, that's $33-36 MM in gate receipts. I generally add half of the gate total for in-arena receipts, so another $20 MM (to be on generous side). Add NHL revenue sharing ($8-10 MM per team), and if they're not in the bottom 15, no revenue transfer, that's still under $70 MM.

If they were in the revenue transfer recipient pool, they wouldn't qualify for a full share if attendance has been declining. The highest amounts transferred wer $14 MM, iirc.
I'm not sure where you're getting that average from, but even TMR has it at $57 - and we know that's low due to how they calculate things.

Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
In-arena purchases (concessions, alcohol, retail) for Columbus are all done by DNC Sportservice, so revenues and profit don't go directly to the team that way.
That's gotta be a kick in the pants. Teams really need to have control over things like this to have much of a chance at breaking even.

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