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Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
League can ask 3rd party opinion when it comes to injured players, AFAIK this has already been done in the last CBA.

So if league suspects foul play, they can send their own doctors to check up the injury.

It's not really a loophole unless players go and intentionally break their bones or take hits to the head to allow them LTIR status.
This is a slippery slope anyways. Not quite as simple as measuring the curve of the stick. If there's one thing Vilma and Goodell have taught us is that anything like this "3rd party doctor" thingy will be an absolute mess. The teams will challenge the 3rd party doctors with their own independent doctors, and then lawyers will have to step in. The cap WILL be circumvented in every imaginable way, and brilliant minds are working on it as I type this. Consider it part of the competitive edge if you will. I've never understood why people get their panties in a bunch about it anyways, because the option to circumvent was available to ALL teams(except of course NJ). Small market teams already faced too much of an uphill battle for top free agents anyways. The circumventing was just a way the big shot teams could waste even more money.

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