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Originally Posted by azrok22 View Post
Especially as a defenseman. It's one thing having a fourth line wing sitting for five minutes practically every game, but I definitely would not want a top six defenseman doing the same.

Hopefully he tones down the frequency of the fighting (particularly staged fights) and limits it to reactionary fights during the flow of play.
I agree 100%.

I want McI to become a Milan Lucic on defense. Not Rupp on defense. The heavy weights are still monsters at fighting, and you don't want a hockey player to take them on night after night after night. We should still carry a "Rupp" with McI on the team.

But when a Komisarek on the other team gets cocky, its tremendously valuble to have a hockey player on your team who can take him on. That's how it goes. No top 4 D or top 9 forward will drop it and fight a heavy weight on the other team unless its 100% on that players terms. Its protocol for a player to turn away from a goon. Rupp can't like challenge Phaneuf or Hartnell. But when a player like Lucic, playing top 2 line hockey, skates up to a cocky player on the other team that player can't tell him that they are a missmatch.

And McI can become that type of player. He is a good hitter and that is an attribute defensively. He is a fairly good skater, and that is an attribute defensively. Have anyone see him protect his own net? I don't know if I've seen a D in a long time that at least makes it look like it hurts to go to the net as much as McI makes that apperance. Its seems like he is ready to kill people who goes to the net and his cross checks are real vicious. That is an attribute defensively. Games are won infront of nets and McI is very good at getting people away from the crease. Offensively, its very much in the bud, but he is an fairly athletic kid who hopefully atleast can work a little on his slapper. That could give him some confidence and maybe be something that can work as a platform for the development of more of an offensive game at the NHL level. He was decent offensively in Juniors.

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