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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
CFaub I agree with you to an extent but why couldn't they put forth a real good bid for 2017? Spits only lack their 1st rounder in 13, they have a 1st rounder in 14 and 15 and 4 2nd rounders for 2014. If you start drafting better and getting good players there's no excuse why you can't have a good team and bid on 2017? This isn't including a plan that includes on dealing guys like Vail, Rychel and Sieloff to reap the rewards with future draft picks and prospects. Yes they are bidding for the Memorial Cup next year it's all about getting another notch on ownerships belt at the expense of some rough years.
Had a lengthy response to this but of course problems with site losing my response.

In order for them to bid in 2017 they would have to sell everything this season, invest heavily into 97 born players with limited assets to build a core around while trying to stockpile picks for the 2017 and 2018 drafts... all while under sanctions for the 2013 draft when the 97 born players are eligible.

It could be done but Rychel would have to hit on every draft pick and every deal he makes and recent history shows there is work to be done in those departments.

The other issue is he would be looking to move his 96s when their value is at their peak in order to obtain those draft picks 4 or 5 years out. Windsor would have a revolving door of players drafted from 2012 and prior which would not present the most appealing destination for high end kids.

Not the easiest thing to do when every other team knows you have sanctions to deal with at a time when you can least afford to have those sanctions, 2016 first round pick who could be part of a deal for the final missing pieces.

Too many things would have to go right with no room for error for a 2017 bid to work out.

2020 would give them time to deal this year and recover a ton of assets but without having to look to start dealing them right away. They can rebuild a competitive team without the immediate pressure of a bidding process hanging over their heads, making deals that make sense for the circumstances quietly stockpiling picks for the future while minimizing the effects of the sanctions on the team and their ability to be competitive.

Deal from a position that builds the team instead of worrying about building towards one goal and one goal only.

They did that the last couple of years with 2014 in their sights and so far its not working out too well. How well would they do in a bid for 2017 having felt the effects of the sanctions from the 2013 draft where they would need to draft their core from.

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