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01-06-2013, 04:21 PM
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I would be shocked if we do not have a CBA by Tuesday morning, and if they are smart they will have it signed Monday so they can continue to dominate at least the Canadian news cycle and maybe get a few plugs in the US market.

What would be better than a few trades, signings, and other moves to talk about on Tuesday and Wed, non-football days. You open it up to trades Tuesday, hoping to spark a few moves....announce the sched Wed, getting some buzz....allow teams to start camp Wed, with mandatory camp attendance starting Thursday, allowing players 3 days to get home and settled in if pre-season "games" (2 per team, 1 road 1 home) over Friday, Sat, Sunday that are free to attend, season ticket holders getting first dibs, with wall to wall NHL network coverage and maybe one game on NBCsports. Take Monday off for camps, media scrums, and other fan outreach events in each market, then start the season with every team playing twice over Tuesday, Wed, and Thursday, with super reduced ticket prices to assure full houses everywhere for the first 2 games, with prime matchups and NBC + NHL network coverage wall to wall...again taking advantage of non-football days to launch the season. All based on maximizing revenue and a 50 game sched.

You also do your best to make sure the first two games of the season are played against rivals, perhaps even doing home and home over the first 3 days, Pens v. Caps, Rangers v. Philly, Avs v. Wings, Oilers v. Flames, Stars v. Wild, Kings v. Ducks, ext ext... Then launch into the full 48 game sched with a normal breakdown of Divisional and Conference games that has been widely discussed. Yeah, some teams will get easier matchups than others... but there has to be some marketing here.

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