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Originally Posted by SimplySensational View Post
No. You said something stupid and I slammed you for it. You used a 1 game sample to prove I was wrong about my prediction of a 10 game period.
Are you that childish? I didn't use a one game sample to 'prove' you wrong, that was a little progress report. One you overreacted to, which was quite entertaining I might add.

Although, on Dec 31 you said; "I can say this streak is pretty much over" And since then the M&M show have accounted for every single goal for Magnitogorsk has scored in the last 2 games and increased their ppg to the unheard of(KHL) levels of 1.76 & 1.74.
That doesn't sound like the kind of production you'd expect from two players about to go into a major slump does it?

So tell me again why it was you thought they would go into that slump again? Oh wait...

Originally Posted by SimplySensational View Post
Anyways I can say this streak is pretty much over. 9 of their 10 games in January are against playoff teams, including Traktor x2, Dynamo, CSKA, Ak Bars, and Ska.
Yes that's right... great players simply lose the ability to score when playing playoff bound teams.

Now how about some actually facts. Because past behavior is the best predictor of future behavoir. Against teams that would be in the playoffs if the season ended today, Mozyakin has 33 points in 20 games(1.65ppg) & Malkin 27 points in 19 games(1.42ppg).
Both are well above the 1.2-1.3 ppg number you were throwing around.
And I'm still not sure if you were suggesting they were going to average that or if their seasonal averages were actually going to drop to that level, which would be absurd.

Originally Posted by SimplySensational View Post
Apparently you forgot when both of Malkin and Mozyakin were 1.6 PPG then went back down to 1.2.

But in any case I'm not going to say 2 games is definitive prove that you were wrong, obviously its not enough. And unfortunately we'll never know for sure who's prediction is correct since Malkin(2nd in scoring), Kulemin(7th in scoring) & Gonchar(3rd in scoring for defensemen) are going to head back to the NHL now.

The irony is that because of those player 'defections' your "even the 80 point record may not even be in reach" prediction may be correct, though not for the reason you gave.

In any case I'm quite satisfied Malkin has set the record for the highest ppg in a KHL season at 1.76 with 65 points in 37 games. Mozyakin would need to score 20 points in his final 11 games to surpass that which is highly unlikely now. Some might say that record might not count because of an insufficient number of games. I say, how can scoring record not count when he scored more points than the scoring leader of the previous KHL season?

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