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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
That seems a bit high, and I'm not trying to argue it one way or the other, but if they have at least the NHL avg for ticket prices ($55 per ticket), and with paid attendance of an avg of 15-16K, that's $33-36 MM in gate receipts. I generally add half of the gate total for in-arena receipts, so another $20 MM (to be on generous side). Add NHL revenue sharing ($8-10 MM per team), and if they're not in the bottom 15, no revenue transfer, that's still under $70 MM.

If they were in the revenue transfer recipient pool, they wouldn't qualify for a full share if attendance has been declining. The highest amounts transferred wer $14 MM, iirc.
The question was average price per ticket, not total revenues. I would be among the first to agree Columbus is most likely in the bottom 10 in total revenues. I assert it is not because they are selling mass quantities of tickets for very little.

Many fans of Canadian large market teams are sensitive to the idea of some teams almost giving tickets away when they are paying a lot for tickets. This makes sense from a fan perspective. How many times has someone posted that they can travel to a city and buy a seat for the same or less than buying tickets to their home team?

Living in Columbus, I am acutely aware of their situation. The same story exists with Ohio State football and basketball tickets, and it used to exist with Blue Jackets tickets the first 3-4 years.

A $75.00 football ticket sells on the secondary market for $200- $1,000.00 depending on the game. OSU fans often go to away games because of cost and availability.

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