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01-06-2013, 05:48 PM
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Well now that the NHL season is quickly approaching the real objectives are at hand.The Habs have little to no chance of winning the SC,so it's more a matter of building the face of the new Bergevin led Habs.Finding chemistry between the players and trading off players that don't fit the mold Bergevin has in mind for the future. Clearly the focus has to be on the draft and UFA's,more the draft and building from within and keeping a tight grip on the salary cap.The Habs need a mix of veteran talent and young players that are the future,with eyes on the salary cap so the Habs don't make the Dale Tallon/Chicago gaffe that led to disbanding a potentially great team. With that in mind the Habs should be gathering more high-end draft choices that can be traded assets if needed to keep the team young contenders within the salary cap which is the only route teams have to stay competitive.That being said in a draft year like this Bergevin has the perfect season to rate his team and players and decide who to trade for assets(draft choices)for 2013,2014 etc.My feeling is the Habs should target two essential players that are needed for recapturing their Stanley Cup.The first and the hardest to acquire is Seth Jones,requiring the good fortune to win the entry draft lottery between the 14 teams that miss the playoffs. The next player they need is an elite playmaking forward to augment Galchenyuk's abilities and the goal-scoring of Collberg,of course the only truly outstanding player of that ilk is Johnathan Drouin.The possibility of acquiring both will take not only luck of the draw but also the procuring of another team's lottery choice at the draft,taking a combination of a first line player,prospect(s) & draft picks,so don't hold your breath expecting the Habs & Bergevin to make it so.If by some chance they do then it's only a matter of 2-3 yrs before the Habs will be joining the hunt for their 25th SC in earnest.

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