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Originally Posted by BrainOfJ View Post
He didnt care so much that he played in leagues all over the world just for a shot at playing, battled a bad hip and fought even harder to come back and provide this city with something theyve longed for for 40 years.

Then after doing all of that not caring, he went back to his family who he had to sacrifice time with to do that not caring.

It's sickening that people on here put a game over family. Thomas will be able to look back on his life without a single regret. I have the utmost respect for anyone who understands and realizes that family is literally the single most important thing we can have in life. More important than any job or any game.

Thats my last thought on the topic. Ill forever love Tim Thomas for the joy he brought me in a Bruins uniform.
Great Post ! Thanks!

I don't agree with Timmy's politics but who really cares ? What I wanted from Thomas was the cup and he delivered . I will have those memories from the games forever. He won over most of the fans of all teams during the playoffs.

Go back and read through the GDT's on the main board. Fans everywhere fell in love with the guy.

I was on a hockey high for months with the cup win and I will always be thankful to Tim for that. I will never understand how any Bruin's fan can feel anything but respect for Tim Thomas.

I wish him the best and will always cheer for him.

Winter is coming so the snowflakes will win!
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