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Originally Posted by SenateReform View Post
The award is selected by Mark Messier alone. I guess we shouldn't have run the poll at all since Mark though Sundin was worthy of the trophy in his last ever season.

BTW I love the hyperbole in the first half of that paragraph. You'd make a great politician.
This is all you could come up with in rebuttal to my post (2/3rds of which you edited out, lol)? Deal with all of it, and let's not get drawn down ridiculous tangents. Let's forget about the periphery stuff (like reputation, results, leadership awards and post season all-star balloting) that favours Sundin, if you like, and get back to your argument for dismissing Sundin's tenure as captain of Sweden during the period they represented their country together as further representative of anything significant.

I showed that in consecutive years leading up to Sundin's run as Swedish captain that the club had no problem changing captains - even redistributing it while the incumbent still played for the squad, and not always going to simply the longest serving ("most experienced") member of the team, either. So, ball's in your court. What does Alfredsson have to counter the fact that not once in a 10 year span did Sundin's level of play and/or "leadership" ever drop to the point that anyone, let alone Alfredsson as just one possible option, was ever considered as a necessary captain change on any Swedish team he appeared with (after Nagano, as explained earlier)?

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