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Originally Posted by Evileye View Post
No one has 'got away with it' yet. No one has retired early yet from one of those contracts. Any punishement (if any) won't even apply until somebody does.

Wade Redden is not an example of a backdiving contract where a team was able to secure the services of a premiere player by paying them more money that cap hit.
Redden simply wasn't playing up to his salary so the Rangers buried him in the minors. Redden has to report to receive his money. Being able to bury mistakes in the AHL is a different issue.
Different issue, yes. Issue in the same spirit of cap circumvention, certainly. Everyone knows teams were burying salaries in the A just as much as they know they were front-loading deals. Not sure why you want to demonize one more than the other?

Another issue I want to address is when is a retirement legit, and when should a team be responsible for the players decision to retire? Suppose a team signs a player under current rules to a 7 year, $70M deal, and he decides he wants to retire the following year to take care of his sick child? Is it only fair the team takes the $60m cap hit for the next 6 years??? See, fans look at things in black and white, and the truth is matters are VERY, VERY complicated. That's why they pay lawyers millions of dollars to sort it out.

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