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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
would it be fair to say that 2000 nolan (regular season only) was peak tkachuk-level, but tkachuk was able to sustain it over four seasons whereas it was a blip for nolan?

i certainly wouldn't call nolan one-dimensional, but tocchet was certainly the superior playmaker.

one thing though, nolan has a lot of SH goals. but i remember him being below average defensively. am i remembering wrong?

tocchet was no selke guy, but he had definitely had a more than capable two-way game.

Nolan got a lot of PK time, but that may have been the result of him being one of the Sharks' few offensive threats for a couple of seasons and the fact that he could hit like a freight train. I don't remember him being that good defensively.

And I also don't think Nolan's peak ever matched Tkachuk's.

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