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Originally Posted by shorton724 View Post
Comparing Schwartz numbers in the AHL to people from the past have to remember the talent in the AHL is increasingly better also with the lockout there are many players in the AHL that normally be in the NHL. The AHL this season is considerably better than the AHL has been in the past.

Now as far as the rest of the team, the Blues have a lot of players to resign at the end of this season. As of right now they only have 12 players signed for next season and are 10 mil below the floor. You can bet we will be much closer to the floor than the ceiling. Andy Mac is the only 'high priced' player coming off the books. Seven RFAs to resign.

Having said that I would not be surprised at all to see Dags or Stewart traded since they will both be RFAs, that trade could wait until the off season but their trade value would drop significantly if it is just for their rights. There are 13 guys in Peoria that will be RFAs at the end of the season, several of them will want a 1 way contract which we cannot afford to do.

I do not expect any blockbusters but I do expect some small trades to save money next season.
I assume that you have got that the wrong way around, because there is absolutely no chance that we will be closer to the cap floor than the cap ceiling next season.

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