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06-12-2006, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by toshiro
There is a salary cap the regs are way over with that lineup. Welcome to the new NHL
umm sorry dude, that lineup isnt even close to over the cap, we are shedding rucchin, poti, and one of straka or rucinsky

jagr makes 4.8 mil
nylander is 2.28
rucinsky and straka both made 3 each so we will say 3 again for one of them
prucha 525k this season, but next season not available
arnott ill say 4.5
sykora was 3.11 we will say 4 if he is resigned
betts was 500k we will say 750 k
ward is 650k
asham we would say is 1 mil
hollweg is 526k
moore is 450 k due a raise, well say 650k
ortmeyer is 510k, due a raise say 700k

kasper is 3.34
malik is 3
tyutin will get a raise to 800k
staal is rookie max
chara ill say 5.5
markhov 2.5

lundqvist raise should put him at 1 mil
weekes 1.9

that puts the rangers at 35.86 without staal's salary which i dont know the rookie max, but that is very close to making it so please dont tell me its not possible, now maybe markhov, chara, asham, and arnott may want more, however i assume sather may be willing to give them incentive based salaries (such as option years that kick in if they hit certain numbers, etc)

we have alot of flexibility and i dont doubt that sather could bring in 2 names and 2 good role players, also he could let both rucinsky and straka go, or even sykora, and guys like orr, hossa and struds may not be back

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