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01-06-2013, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
They will do nothing meaningful because they think their fans are a bunch of sucker morons who can't wait to throw their money at them.
And they're probably right. Maybe I'm just too wired into all the hoopla today, relative to the average ticket-buying fan on the street, but to me, I'm getting very much the sense that everything is going to be back to business as usual. They'll get games going, fans will get engaged, a short season will see a couple surprise markets get a nice playoff run, all will be guns and roses for happy fans and business as usual right off the hop.

And the few lonely folks manning the picket lines of fan protests will pretty quickly recognize the futility of their actions and most will quietly pack it in too. Kudos to them for their idealism, but let's face it, hockey is just self-gratifying entertainment, who really wants to torture themselves over a matter of principle on something so fundamentally shallow?

Game is very much on. NHL doesn't have to do anything.

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