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Originally Posted by NugentHopkinsfan View Post
Ticket prices have gone up a lot in the big markets, it costs 80 bucks to get in the rink in Vancouver, you can buy 5 tickets for that price in some arenas. Who is selling all the merchandise? It is literally cheaper to fly to a southern city to watch a playoff game than buy tickets to a game in our own city. Many people do this.

The whole growing the game nonsense may be true at the youth level, which is great, but lots of markets are struggling badly with low fan support while a lucky few bring in most of the revenue.
How much did it cost to go to a game in 2004? Ticket prices may have been lower, but look at the team that was being iced. A contender year in and year out will always draw fans (such as Vancouver for the last decade), while a losing team will not. Hence the ticket price difference.

Low fan support comes from having lousy teams for a long period of time. For instance, I would consider St. Louis a solid hockey market, but after 2004 the team stunk for the better part of 7 years. At that time fan attendance dropped. Even last year with a solid team in place, they had some of the lowest ticket cost in order to sell out games. (As a Blues fans I can speak on this).

The Bluejackets were sold out for the first couple of season, but when you are consistantly bad for 5-7 years in a row with no expectation to even make the playoffs, it is hard to get fans in the door regardless of the ticket price. If the Jackets can get and really develop their tallent the right way, they will become a solid hockey market.

Even Pitt who is really solid right now w/ attendance had some down years prior to Crosby's arrival.

I personally believe that part of Atlanta issue was not putting a winning team on the ice for a long, long time - coupled with not being bad enough to get the top pick 4 years in a row.

Hockey isn't like football where you can get a quick turn around and each year all but 4-6 teams fans feel like they can make the playoffs. In the NHL, you draft an 18 year old and wait for him to develop and hope. Much easier to draft a 22 year old and project what type of player he will become.

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