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Originally Posted by Tintin's Ghost View Post
I agree with your point but not the Ted Lindsey example. That day an age there really were not any benefits for the players. The disparity between owners and players was much greater and no safety net for the players who were injured and had their careers ended.

Ted Lindsay stood up like a man and deserves a lot of credit. Ron Hainsey is no Ted Lindsay. Heck, he can't even carry Lindsay's jock strap.

Hainsey whined to the media. He yelled at owners during the meetings. He certainly was a happy warrior for the NHLPA but he comes across a stooge in the process. Don't think he deserves any credit for getting a deal done.
I hear that a lot regarding unions of all sorts, the whole "The union was good then, but now it is unnecessary and they are arguing for things they don't need." What you are arguing seems to be an extension of that, IMO. The problem is that if the union doing its union stuff is now unnecessary, what happens when you stop the union from doing its union stuff? What happens is that the ownership gets more and more from the employees eventually to the point where it is as if the union never existed.

I view the whole "Union is unnecessary/going too far these days" argument as a bit of a logical fallacy for that reason. A union in an environment where the unions aren't run by the government as pawns (Soviet Union) is supposed to make the lives of employers miserable, that is the very reason for its existence: To say "Respect our demands, or we don't work."

So if one thinks that union representatives playing hardball is bad in the current time period, that person is essentially arguing that union representatives playing hardball is always a bad thing, because unions are constantly arguing to make sure things don't always turn to the owners side.

Labor disputes are labor disputes, and no side is inherently better than the other.

I hope my tone isn't too political or accusatory, I just don't think Hainsey deserves to be booed for simply being a union representative.

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