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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I thought Latendresse basically earned his junior aged roster spot (arguable, but at least he showed he was capable and one of the final candidates, a "fair pick" for the spot). And he had nothing like a #3 overall profile to milk PR from. Not that I quite really mean it'd be "just PR" on Galchenyuk, more like a combination of that, plus "getting his feet wet", getting him into the NHL culture, all that good stuff that isn't really based purely on him earning it, but nevertheless could be argued to have benefit to his overall development as the Habs' future star player. I don't see how it'd be "unfair" either, I'm sure Galchenyuk would love to be in the NHL, regardless of the reasons. I think it'd be a valid reason to keep him around in this kind of mini-season scenario, anyway. Not so much if this was October. But it's January, and will be closer to February when they start, so no harm.

I don't really believe in doing that and wouldn't choose it personally, but I also wouldn't object to it or blame the Habs for going that way. It probably won't be visible to us anyway, I don't see an exhibition season in the works, we'll have no insight into whether he "earned it" or not. Not until the games start going anyway. By which point, it may still not even be clear or easy to figure out.
Yeah, you're right that I oversimplified the Latendresse situation, he did play really well that preseason.

I think that some of the points you made could be separated from PR. I just don't like the idea of salesmanship getting in the way of team quality. IMO that's a major advantage the Canadiens should be taking advantage of, that they don't need to feel pressure to sell the team with saviours like the Blue Jackets or the Thrashers did. Win three games in a row, and the city won't care about the team's best prospect spending some more time on the farm.

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