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Originally Posted by shorton724 View Post
No I have it the right way, next season the blues are at 32 mil with 11 players to sign. The ceiling will be 64.3 mil the floor 44 mil with the mid point being 54 million. Those 11 players are not going to cost the blues 22 million. The ownership does not have a lot of spare cash laying around to spend on players. The owners are looking to make money off of the Blues, it is not just a toy to throw money at like it was with Laurie. In order to be profitable they have to stay close to the floor. This years team was going to be at the cap floor already and with a lower cap floor next year every one should expect the Blues to take advantage of that. In order for the Blues to break even they pretty much have to sell out every game and make it to atleast the 2nd round of the POs. This season they will not make money losing 17 home games + all the negative impacts of the lockout. The increased revenue sharing will help but that will not be seen for a few years. There is the $300 million 'make whole' provision the league has to pay the players. There will be payments from the league to sponsors to help cover their losses because of the lockout. The Blues could not afford $2 mil to pay JD, where do you think they are getting money from to increase players salaries?
The money situation for this season is fine. Yes, we lose the income from 16 home games, but the players are only getting paid for 50 games and the bulk of the NHL revenue comes in the second half of the season anyway.

Our signed line-up for next season is...

Perron - Backes - Oshie
Schwartz - ??? - Tarasenko
??? - Steen - ???
??? - Sobotka - Reaves
??? - ???

??? - ???
Jackman - ???
??? - Polak


That is costing $32,133,334. To add Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, Russell and Cole then you are looking at about $44.65m even with Amry's great negotiating skills! So that is already over the salary floor, and we still need 1 defenseman and 6 forwards. Berglund will obviously be one, and if Stewart and McDonald aren't back then we need 2 quality wingers. We also can't just look to ELC's to solve the problems. Long term, their is an importance to have them within the team, but Jaškin and Rattie aren't both going to be ready for full time NHL duty next season, if either is!

Financial prudence is undoubtedly needed, but the only way to keep our salary bill down next season would be to trade off our young, quality assets. Do that, and good luck getting the fans to pay the increased ticket prices.

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