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01-06-2013, 06:18 PM
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Absolutely agreed. If you recall the beginning of last season, Desharnais was the 3rd line center, playing with different players. This was supposed to be THE Gomez redemption year and coach Martin was getting all kinds of pressure to make Gomez succeed and look good.

Eric Cole had not scored in the first 8 games and was given little ice-time by Martin.

Patch was playing with Gomez and Gionta and was the only one producing something.

He then matched Cole with Desharnais and Cole started to produce...Martin would not succomb to matching Patch with Desharnais, as this would have undoubtedly finished off Gomez. He knew that Desharnais reignited Patch in Hamilton. So Gomez continued to eat up productive players' icetime, to be the first center on PP, and to get twice the icetime of Desharnais... until the losses just started to pile up. Martin then reunited Patch with Desharnais, and with Cole acting as a mentor to Patch, this line, which played about 60 games together, proved to be one of the better first lines of the league. This was truly a TRIO effort as each three players brought something to the table.

Desharnais delivered big time wherever he played, and I would not be surprised if this guy becomes a solid 1 PPG forward throughout his career. We haven't seen the best of him yet. Let's not short change ourselves by trading him now.

Originally Posted by Mahleezer View Post
I like Desharnais. He's like a poor mans St-Louis.

His story is just a feel good story.

Led the Q in points every year he was there and then was constantly top 5 in points in the AHL, but his size kept him from the big show.

When he finally got his chance he showed that he can play.

He's been a factor everywhere he played.

And I hear people saying that he was in an ideal situation which is true but let's give credit where credit is due.

Yes he had two power forwards to play with in Cole and Pacioretti but can you honestly say that Desharnais had a good season because of his wingers or the other way around?

I mean Max Pac was comming back from a nasty injury and ended up scoring 33 goals.

Cole had his best goal scoring output of his career and he's played with Eric Stall.

Also both wingers played full seasons including Desharnais.

So don't go jumping at the fact that Desharnais had a great season because of his wingers... it was a team effort by the whole trio.

They built chemistry quick and kept it going all year despite playing in a bad situation all around what with the trades, the bad coaching, the mid season coaching change, the team injuries etc,....

So come on guys show some love for the little guy.

I for one am very excited to see what he has in store for us over the next 3-4 years.

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