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01-06-2013, 06:35 PM
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How much better... for an extra $1.8M a year, ham-stringing Shero's ability to manage the roster within the cap that much more. Bouwmeester would be marginally better at most and is guaranteed to **** people off because he doesn't play like a big man. At least Martin has somewhat of an excuse for not throwing hits, as he is not a very imposing figure. I'm telling you they're basically the same player in our zone; one is just bigger and more expensive, and a little bit more physical.

Pass. The only underachiever with a big cap hit I'd consider trading Martin for is Hemsky, because it's the same hit and here he would be asked only to create offensive opportunities, which playing next to Crosby he could do IMO. And be far better at it than someone like Kennedy or Tangradi. But even that makes me uneasy. JBo... that would outright **** me off because it wouldn't solve any of our problems. Hemsky at worst, we've added no salary if he doesn't work out and he has one less year on his contract than Martin I think.

Still, I'd much rather ship Martin + our 1st for someone really good instead of looking for "other guys not working out with their teams". JBo, Hemsky, Stewart, Seto... all these guys are bandaids / grasping at straws for a solution.

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