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01-06-2013, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Not a chance. He's still owed 41m (well 34.5 after this year). That's a 22m cheque Philly would have to write to Bryz if they wanted to cut him loose. Yes they have more money than most, but no one is going to cut a 20m cheque to dump a player.
Yeah, you're probably right.

I made the same case when someone suggested that the Canucks would buyout Luongo. In Luongo's case the buyout would be over $30M.

The difference is that there are very few questions of Luongo being able to play up to his contract. He's a starting goal tender on just about any team, and he has trade value.

Is Bryzgalov tradeable? The real question is, if you are going to pay him $8M this year (or whatever the prorata is) and $6M for the next 2 years, that's roughly $20M right there. That's fine if he bounces back and plays up to his contract (and he may). But if he is backing up someone else? Maybe you make that call.

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