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01-06-2013, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Our OL totally fell apart when we had to pass. Exactly what I have always hated about the lighter weight more mobile OL. They just get blown up in standard pass protection, and teams built like that cant overcome 2 scores late. Hell we couldnt even shotgun snap and totally fell apart.

They way we are built, we have to run the ball. RG3 couldn't run, and Morris didnt get enough touches.

It seemed like we lost Garcon again which didnt help

Shanahan on the podium now
He knows he blew it here. He's saying it now. I cant blame his reasoning, per say...but its his job to be smarter than the emotional leader of the team (who just so happens to be 22).

Shanahan is going to be kicking himself for a long while over this one. No guarantees on whether Cousins does anything differently, but I do believe the Redskins would have scored at least a FG or another TD in the last 3 quarters.

The Seahawks were allowed to stack the line versus Morris...and Morris still was getting yards. But he wasnt getting the touches. I dont get that part, at all. Kyle totally screwed that one.

Only silver lining maybe is I think it shows that at 33, Kyle Shanahan is *NOT* ready to be an HC. No franchise is going to hand the keys to him after that performance. So at least the team's hierarchy should come back in full force next year-- assuming its a good thing.

Ah well, GREAT SEASON by the Redskins. I am very happy with the way they played, and the future is BRIGHT...assuming RG3 is not permanently hurt.

Still Good to be a Redskins fan right now.

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