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Originally Posted by paul-laus View Post
I'm so physically disgusted with the NHL right now it almost irritates me to see all the optimism. 3 strikes in 17 years. One lost 04-05 season and two band-aid solution petty 48 game seasons in 12-13 and 94-95. From the players to the owners to Fehr and Bettman, shame on you for taking the fans for granted again. At the beginning of last season, both the NBA and the NFL were at a crossroads. Come to a legitimate agreement and find labour peace or risk having fans turn their back on you at least in the short term. The NFL came to an agreement without even losing a game.

The NBA settled relatively quick and lost 10 games off the schedule realizing the potential damage that could occur. The NHL has done it again and sold their fans and sponors down the river, and even though I knew that the majority of fans in the U.S. wouldn't care and appathy and indifference would be the major reaction, I've been almost surprised to see my co-workers, friends, family, and strangers for the most past come off as rather unbothered by the stoppage. This time, It almost seems like people tuned out the ridiculous night after night tally of games lost. People found other things to occupy their time with and found other sporting events to watch. Friends of mine starting watching NBA and Premiership again. And I found junior and AHL hockey played at pubs and lounges. The world juniors, Spengler, Deutchland Cup, Junior A Challenge, Under 17 World Challenge all provided hockey at various points.

The bulk of the people that I have interacted with would rather the NHL have cancelled the entire season and fixed things properly and ironed everything out as opposed to putting together some garbage 48 game season in the hopes that it would appease the masses and salvage any bit of deccorum. What's happening with 2014 Olympic Participation? Expansion? Reallignment? Draft Lottery set up changes? None of these issues have been resolved and the people shouldn't fool themseleves with the 10 year deal. The opt out is after 8 and one can bet dollars to doughnuts that we'll be doing all this again in 8 years time. The fans will come back in spades in Canadian cities cause that's what they do (particularly in Winnipeg where fans got a 1 year tease) but I can't wait to see the attendance numbers for the majority of the other 23 NHL markets. Enjoy your condensed, conference heavy, Summertime playoffs, hockey everyone. But more importantly, enjoy the next NHL lockout that'll be coming in 8 years time.

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