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Originally Posted by SensibleGuy View Post
Yeah yeah yeah. Jeez I'm getting tired of these butt-hurt "fans" with their pronouncements about never going to another game and never giving those "bleeps" another dollar. Its a business. They didn't do it becuase they hate you and your buddies. They did it becuase the previous CBA ended and they had to hash out a new one. Had they not got it done now in time for a half season, then next year would have been the same thing over again. Its done. This short season might just be a real barn burner and next year and for at least another 7 years after that we don't have to think about this again. It sucked and it should have been resolved sooner but its over now and we can get on with it...
If this is directed at me, I never implied that I wouldn't watch hockey again. As I said, the junior hockey I've seen has never been better. I just can't believe that you're so much of a robot that you'll put up with this every few years and welcome the NHL back with open arms no questions asked. Like I said, three strikes in 17 years, 2 strikes in 7 years. When the NFL and NBA needed to get their deals done with the players, they did so and without much loss at all. They knew better and knew the health of their brand was more important. The NHL? Well they dragged us through another 4 month odyssey and then tried a quick artificial solution. Why do I get the feeling that if McDonald's bothed your order 3 times in a row. You'd be like-"their just misunderstood. God bless 'em...."

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