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Originally Posted by shorton724 View Post
Do you really think the Blues are going to spend close to $20 million just on defense? That is a little bit unrealistic especially since all 4 of those guys are still RFAs, Maybe if they were UFAs you could consider the Blues spending that money but that is not the case. This off season the cap is going to drop $6 million many teams are going to have to drop salary, the players as a whole are losing 7% of what they previously earned. The next few years of free agency is going to greatly be in favor of the teams and not the players. The market is going to be full of good players looking for work that are going to have to take a pay cut or not play in the NHL. Teams are not going to be spending money on FAs like they have the last few years. Under the old CBA the Blues would be spending more but there is a new CBA. Total contracts are dropping 7%, why would the Blues salaries go up when most teams are going down?

With a new CBA you cannot look at things the same way, just like after the last lockout players as a whole will be making less money for the next couple years. Also just like last time the players that will be hurt the most are RFAs which is what the Blues are full of. With the exception of Andy Mac all the Blues UFAs can easily be replaced.
The Blues salaries are going up for the simple reason that their players are RFA's and we've been getting them at a discount.

You question that we'll be paying close to $20m for D, well break down the numbers and tell me where it is wrong.

Pietrangelo = $6m minimum. Karlsson got $6.5m, Doughty got $7m. Yes, the cap has dropped, to the same number it was when Doughty signed his deal. After what happened with Weber, and the Flyers losing the Kimmo Timonen contract in the summer... I think Pietrangelo has the upper hand in negotiations. We'd be insane to let him become a RFA.

Shattenkirk = $3.5m-ish. 40+ point defenseman 2 straight years. Tough to see it being much less than that.

Russell + Cole = Combined $2.5m minimum. Russell will likely get a modest rise, tough to say what happens with Cole, but can't see it being any less than $1m.

So yeah, unless we move Pietrangelo of Shattenkirk, that is what we will be paying for D. There is no way to avoid it.

Got to say, not even the first day of hockey just the new CBA, and the debates have started again. Got to love it

Originally Posted by shorton724 View Post
Finally, I did not say they are going to be at the floor next year I said they will be closer to the floor than the ceiling.

EDIT: just thought I would let you know, you said players are paid for 50 games well that is not the case they are paid based on days on the roster and not # of games played.
Didn't mean to imply you said we'd be at the floor, just saying that we'd be at the floor just with the defensive signings and the other players would take us closer to the ceiling that the floor.

And of course, you are correct about how salary is paid, but you get my point on that

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