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Originally Posted by rojac View Post
I'm a little confused by the wording of the change to suspensions. My impression was that the change was simply regarding appeals. Apeals for 1-5 game suspensions would be heard by Bettman. Appeals for suspensions of 6 games or more would be heard by a third-party. Maybe that's what is trying to be said, but the phrasing seems to imply that the third-party would be involved in the original issuing of longer suspensions and that Bettman would hear appeals for all suspensions, regardless of length.

Also, glancing at the linked sources, it would appear that the source for the Y3-Y10 salary cap is the article in the National Post which contains the sentence:

I believe what the bolded clause is trying to convey is that should a calculated cap based on the shortened season actually be higher than $64.3M, then the calculated cap would apply and not the $64.3. I think if your interpretation of the clause (that is, that it is a cap minimum for the rest of the CBA term) was true, there would have been a lot of discussion amongst hockey pundits about how Fehr had managed to delink the cap; however, I have heard nothing.
Updated the wording in the Supplemental Discipline section to better convey the new system.

Regarding the minimum cap ceiling of 64.3M throughout the life of the deal, this is from the National Post article linked in OP:

Teams can spend up to US$70.2-million this year, and the cap in 2013-14 will be US$64.3-million, which is closer to what the players wanted to begin the day than what the owners wanted. The floor, both years, will be US$44-million. The cap is also guaranteed not to fall below US$64.3-million in subsequent years. Contract variance from year-to-year will be limited to 35%, and can never drop below 50% of the highest year of any deal, which puts contracts in a box.
It's not "de-linked" because regardless as to what the cap ceiling is set to, the players will still only be guaranteed 50% of HRR for that season. Remember, there is no limit to escrow.

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