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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Your opinion is noted. Realize though, that for every Karlsson story, there are countless other comparable Sundin ones. Even in his last season, on a new team, he is given a lot of credit for the emergence of Kesler and mentoring of the Sedins on their way from excellent players to greatness.

And I'd be willing to give Alfredsson more credit for what his team did in the '07 playoffs if he didn't have such a pattern of inconsistency in the playoffs both before AND after that year. One point getting swept by Sundin's Maple Leafs in '01, good year in '02, one point in his last 7 games of the '03 playoffs, 1 G, 3 pts in '04 is still worse than any of Sundin's playoffs in terms of production, 8 straight games (out of 10 total) without a goal in the '05 playoffs, etc.

And while being the first team to captain a team in the Finals is kinda cool, but how much credit does that trivia factoid really deserve? Relatively speaking, mind you, because we're weighing it against some quality earlier round loss efforts put in by other European captains in previous years, mind you (Koivu and Sundin, of course). Alfredsson doesn't get 1 "point" weighted against their collective zero - especially if this is meant as part of a larger argument concerned more with performance pattern/record (particularly in the playoffs) than trivia.
If you're going to let Mats take credit for that then you might want to give him credit for what he was leading the Leafs into in his last few years after the lockout. That team was a complete mess.

As for the 2nd paragraph, Alfredsson led his team to the playoffs a total of 15 times compared to Mats who led the Leafs to the playoff only 9 times and both have comparable PPG numbers with Mats being higher. You'll find statistically weak playoff rounds for any great player including guys like Steve Yzerman and even Mark Messier since each opportunity is going to be a relatively small sample size. So I wouldn't put too much stock into in especially since Alfredsson has put up good numbers several times including leading the playoff scoring race in 2007.

I'm not really sure what you're getting at with your 3rd paragraph but if you put any one thing under a microscope it will come out insignificant since we're judging based on multiple decades and thousands of games.

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