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Originally Posted by LeftCoast View Post
There is very little chance of this. You can't penalize teams for writing league approved, legal contracts under the last CBA. The rules governing front loaded contracts will be forward looking, not retroactive. Existing contract will be grandfathered.
There is no 'penalizing' if you are just ensuring something that should be done anyway - that the fundamental goal of a salary cap is being enforced. (salary paid for NHL service = NHL cap hit)

Either way, we will have to wait for the new CBA details to emerge.
The NHL had it in a previous proposal so it wouldn't be a surprise if the provisions to address previous contracts are in there.

If you think about it, even if there are provisions for teams to have to pay back cap space if a player retires just before the cheap years, it doesn't affect the players, they still get their money, so why would they care? it affects very few players and it would have been an easy point to concede to the league in order to get their way on an issue more meaningful to the players. (64.3 cap instead of 60? or many others)

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