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Originally Posted by Alklha View Post
The Blues salaries are going up for the simple reason that their players are RFA's and we've been getting them at a discount.

You question that we'll be paying close to $20m for D, well break down the numbers and tell me where it is wrong.

Pietrangelo = $6m minimum. Karlsson got $6.5m, Doughty got $7m. Yes, the cap has dropped, to the same number it was when Doughty signed his deal. After what happened with Weber, and the Flyers losing the Kimmo Timonen contract in the summer... I think Pietrangelo has the upper hand in negotiations. We'd be insane to let him become a RFA.

Shattenkirk = $3.5m-ish. 40+ point defenseman 2 straight years. Tough to see it being much less than that.

Russell + Cole = Combined $2.5m minimum. Russell will likely get a modest rise, tough to say what happens with Cole, but can't see it being any less than $1m.

So yeah, unless we move Pietrangelo of Shattenkirk, that is what we will be paying for D. There is no way to avoid it.

Got to say, not even the first day of hockey just the new CBA, and the debates have started again. Got to love it

Didn't mean to imply you said we'd be at the floor, just saying that we'd be at the floor just with the defensive signings and the other players would take us closer to the ceiling that the floor.

And of course, you are correct about how salary is paid, but you get my point on that
The cap may have been the same when doughty was signed but when doughty was signed players received 57% of HRR now they only receive 50%. What happened with Weber cannot happen again because of contract limits and contract variances. You are not taking into consideration the market. All of the teams close to the ceiling (tor, phi, nyr, mon, etc.) will be dropping salary so will all the teams trying to stay close to the floor (fla, clb, nyi, etc). If we were still under the old CBA you could see teams trying to sign Petro but now all of the rich teams will be cutting salary instead of adding to it. There will be a lot of UFAs for teams to go after, they may not be as good as Petro but they will not cost any draft picks and they will be much cheaper. With the new draft lottery picks will have more value than in past years, offer sheets will be even more rare now than before the lockout.

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