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01-06-2013, 07:49 PM
Everyone! PANIC!
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Originally Posted by Victorious Secret View Post
Says the definite source. We'll never know. Webb is more talented than Ponder and has legitimate arm strength. Give him something more than a surprise start and you might actually see some results. There is absolutely no way Ponder is the unquestioned starter come next year.
Webb is a glorified Tim Tebow without the leadership skills and half the passing skills. He was drafted as a WIDE RECEIVER out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. That's like saying Antwan Randell-El would be a good QB in the NFL or Armanti Edwards. He's not a QB in the NFL. Period. Ponder isn't that great of a QB but he has at least the pocket presence and smarts in the pocket to play QB. Webb got himself sacked a few times. He might be a decent wildcat option but he's not a QB.

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