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Originally Posted by VinnyC View Post
I doubt Ballard is tradeable at all. No defenseman who has performed as poorly as him in the last two seasons will get anything close to $4.2 million. In the new cap, he's worth $2-2.5M max.

I believe Luongo can still be moved, though. But with a lower cap his value will obviously go down. GMMG should've traded him in the draft; now a return like L. Schenn (even though I think he'd be a poor fit) is out of reach
On the first point, I think you are overplaying Ballard's poor play. To me, he is simply the 5th best of our 5 top-four defenseman. The poster who called him a luxury is absolutely correct, and we may need to get rid of him for that reason, but it would likely be a downgrade.

As for Luongo, the cap hasn't been lowered near as much as expected. Combine this with other factors including the rumoured ability to retain salary in trades, the lack of punishment for such contracts and the removal of any uncertainty about the future of the contract, and the unique situation of a shortened season, and I think his value has gone up if anything. Remember, a large part of the reason why people tore down his value before was the possibility of the new CBA making his contract an albatross. It didn't (unless we haven't heard some unfortunate details of the CBA).

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