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12-11-2003, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy Caballero
But possibly one of the best over the last 3, courtesy of our current scouting staff. How can you judge the Habs' ability to draft and develop players now based on the Houle years?
But you're willing to pass judgement already? That makes no sense. The aspirations you hold for our current group of prospects, was held by thousands of fans years ago for players named Ward, Chouinard, Wilke and Brown. Get back to me in 3 years then, and tell me how good of a draft we had. Until then, it's all speculation.

That makes no sense. Plus, they did not turn over their top management "every two to three years." It basically went: Savard=good, Houle=bad, Savard=good drafter, bad contract signer, Gainey=???, but brings a good record and has Savard's help at the draft table.
It's safe to say, being a general manager in Montreal isn't a long career.

I think with Gainey in charge and Savard, Gauthier, and Timmins scouting talent, we're in great shape. If you disagree, and think we're bound for another management change in 2-3 years, then we'll agree to disagree.
I like Gainey, always have. I can't pass judgement on his performance this year, because his hands are tied. If this wasn't the final year of the CBA, I'm sure he would have addressed a majority of the team's needs by now.

Philly did not draft Recchi, Amonte, or Roenick. They went out and got these guys because they had the $$$ to do so. They were two salary dumps and a FA signing, respectively. They are their CORE (and their current leading scorers), hardly veterans added to bolster an already solid lineup.
Well, Montreal never drafted Bulis, Zednik, Langdon,Quintal,Begin, Dackell,Kilger, Perrault,Dagenais, Sundstrom,Juneau, Audette, or Souray.

What's the difference? Philly did draft Gagne,Pitkonen,Williams and a host of other players who they used for trades. How can you knock this?
They built what they could from within, even if that meant trading prospects. Signing Amonte and JR were moves we Hab fans would welcome if the money was there.

St. Louis's core consists of Pronger, Weight, MacInnis, Tzachuk, and Demitra. They didn't draft any of these guys. Demitra was a nice find, but the rest were picked up on the cheap because St. Louis had the money to sign them whereas the teams they traded with did not. Pronger is the exception, but he was acquired for Shanny, who was a FA pickup for the Blues before. Hence, they hardly "developed" Pronger.
I disagree with your definition of "development". They brought Pronger in, and took a chance. They surrounded him with leadership, and character, and moved him along slowly. They absolutely deserve credit for the handling of Pronger, and investing the time and money in him that they did.

Detroit was a decent team that drafted well, but they probably wouldn't have won any cups had they not kept their payroll in the top 3. If they were on a level playing field with 29 other teams, there is no reason to believe they would have been able to maintain a championship team. One of the only teams that could make that claim is New Jersey, thanks to the genius of Lou Lamerello and the great coaches he hired.
I disagree again. It's a proven fact that money spent does not mean cup success. Detroit found a way to bring in players that fit their team style, and play. They stuck by Yzerman, and surrounded the youngsters with character.

If a salary cap came into effect, it would probably hover around 50-60 million regardless. It's not an issue for 90% of the teams.

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