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Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
The NHL needs a strong leader capable of standing up to the influential owners like Jeremy Jacobs and Gary isn't it. The point of having a commissioner is so that owners like Jeremy Jacobs are not simply allowed to run the league.
I agree.

I think a guy like Gary Bettman better fits the role of his predecessors, that of a league president who merely represents the owners including acting as their collective bargaining agent. He could probably fill that role quite ably.

What the league really needs is an actual commissioner, who is there to act in the best interests of the game. That role could arise, for example, when the league president and union chief can't reach a new CBA before reaching a labour impasse. Bettman is not that guy.

I agree with Jeff Blair that firing Bettman and Daly would be the best way to restore trust in the NHL.

It looks like Bruce Dowbiggin, another journalist whose views I respect, seems to hold a similar view:

If you want a contrary view, you can take Don Cherry's word for it that "Gary Bettman saved the season": I'll pass on that. I think Grapes is too far gone on this one.

P.S. In the aftermath of this disaster, I think that David Thompson might end up becoming one of the more influential governors of the NHL. He's far enough distanced from the guys who created this mess. He's rich enough and seems to have enough smarts and common sense to become a long-term mainstay of the BOG. It makes me wonder if he agrees with either Blair or Dowbiggin, both of whom work for one of his newspapers. I'm sure the sports writers don't worry about what DT thinks of what they write, but I don't think these things are out of left field. Is it possible that the Globe and Mail has the tacit approval of DT to plant these seeds, or is that reading far too much into a couple of quick pieces?

Oh . . . and BUTCH . . . I know, I know, they're crappy pieces obviously written to a tight deadline! They gotta fill the paper and all that! I read that every time I see your comment on an article you don't like! (I just happen to have been following these writers for decades, and happen to agree with both of them here.)

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