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Originally Posted by BradD View Post
Like I stated before, Hendricks is the center on that line in my book. He's improving and as I believe Langway mentioned, if he continues to do so Beagle may become more expendable.

Keith Aucoin had better stats and they dealt him although he was aging. He could've put up the same numbers he did every single season and it wasn't enough to warrant the Caps keeping him. Why do you think Beagle isn't on a thin leash here? I'm all for keeping him on Hershey and occasional use, but he's simply not a starter on an NHL team that already has a bountiful of centers. Backstrom, Johansson, Ribeiro, Laich, Hendricks, and now Kuznetsov.

With Tom Wilson coming in, you honestly believe they'll keep Hendricks, Brouwer, Chimera, and Beagle? I'm sorry but I doubt it man.

Just adding Kuznetsov, Forsberg, and Wilson and they would have to get rid of several players. Ward is probably gone, who else would you take out?
Just whoa. Because Beagle and Aucoin are not vying for the same position on teams. There also is the how many inches, pounds and defensive skill that Beagle has on Aucoin. Hendricks and maybe Laich are the only people you listed that might actually "take" a spot from Beagle. Kuznetsov is penciled in at RW for most people on the Caps, and once again forgot to mention Sjogren who is probably Beagles biggest "threat".

How is Wilson, as a RW, a threat to Chimera, Hendricks and Beagle?

Once again, what does two sure fire top 6 forwards and project 2nd-3rd liner have to do with a bottom 6 forward?

Originally Posted by BradD View Post
Haha, I know Galiev is expected to underperform but Mitchell could surprise some. He's doing well in Hershey, I believe? Scouts aren't full proof. Laich was drafted in the 6th round. Brassard and Frolik were taken ahead of Claude Giroux in 2006.
I'm a Bears STH, but I was pointing out that you had no clue what position those players actually play.

Originally Posted by BradD View Post
Again, assemble a roster while keeping Beagle and adding more than three players and we'll talk. If you think Ribeiro is a one year deal you lose all credibility. One of the most underrated centers in the league.

Future prospects: Forsberg, Kuznetsov, Wilson, Barber, Galiev, Hamill, Mitchell to name a few.

Ovechkin, Backstrom, Laich
Chimera, Ribeiro, Brouwer
Perreault, Johansson, Ward
Beagle, Hendricks, Wolski
• Uh, Hamill is strictly a Hershey player.
• Barber isn't going to be playing for the Caps for at least another 3 years,
• Mitchell is more likely to replace Hendricks then Beagle. He is the closest to actually playing for the Caps and that probably won't happen until next year if at all
• Galiev won't be sniffing a Caps spot until 14-15 with out some serious off season work.
• Wilson is going to be a project. He makes some break throughs on his skating then maybe some playing time in 13-14 but more then likely 14-15 or beyond.
• Kuznetsov just signed a two year deal this Spring for Chelyabinsk. Very unlikely he doesn't play it out with the Olympics coming up, so 14-15 is very realistic.
• Forsberg does have his ELC signed and this is the final year for his contract in Sweden. Could be playing for the Caps next year, but I honestly don't know enough to say to much.

13-14 season is the earliest we're seeing any of those players and good chance not even then. There is a lot of wheel and deal time before we're even considering them for lines ups.

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