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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I really love it when people on HF form opinions based on absolute garbage speculations and assumptions.
I really find it amusing how you talk about building a team around guys with great attitudes like Price. This guy had an even bigger attitude ''problem'' than PK. Remember? Pictures of him smoking cigarettes on vacation wasted? Rumors about him impregnating a minor? The constant partying and out of shape times? The little ''fight'' with Markov after a game?? I mean, you name it. Great attitude..
What happened exactly? Oh yea, he freaking grew up!
PK never did anything bad, what did he do really? Was obnoxious and it rubbed people off?? Ouhhhh...let's trade him...he's a poison..
You don't win with PK? Didn't Canada win the Gold with him?? Twice??? One of which he was voted to the Tourny's All Star team after an amazing performance scoring 9pts in 6GP (That's more than Gally as as Dman, granted older). So I think we can already drop this dumb notion that you don't win with guys like him.

As for Philly, those are nothing but rumors, and if Gauthier wanted PK gone, I'm pretty sure he would have pulled the trigger even if it meant getting a weaker return. He didn't have a problem doing it for other players. Also, you don't even know if it was an actual heads up deal. You also make another assumption in thinking that, if this rumor was indeed true, the Flyers refused it based on the fact that they don't think PK is that good. That the fact Couturier is still signed to 1.3M for 2 extra years, as opposed to PK needing to be re-signed with a big raise has nothing to do with it.
Really, what's your beef with PK? Because your post is quite lame.

Didn't Doughty hold out and signed a deal late in LA because he wanted more cash?? Then he was criticized for not being in shape, not living up to expectations and just being greedy. The year after he won the cup.

I really don't understand why anybody would ''hate'' PK. Really. What's the problem here? You think he's overrated?? ok, so? How do we go from that to him not even being worth 4.5M when Gorges makes 3.9M?? Explain that one to me please.
character building activities. I don't want pk gone, but if the right offer was on the table I would highly consider it...

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