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The Impossible (2012), directed by Juan Antonio Bayona: Vacationing in Thailand, a mother and father and their three young sons battle to survive the the tsunami of 2004. The first 20 minutes, which contain miniscule character development followed by the arrival of the tsunami, are fairly gripping. Unfortunately, that leaves approximately another 80 minutes to kill, and that's where the problems pile up. Most of the time is filled up with either big league suffering (Naomi Watts) or desperate searching (Ewen McGregor, with zip all to do). After watching such delights as badly injured people trying to climb up trees, we get an endlessly long series of big heart-tugging moments which always arrive awash with tinkly piano and swooning strings in the background. Yet, despite all this effort to move us, the movie has the emotional resonance of a Grey's Anatomy episode gone berserk. If this movie is not as egregiously manipulative as Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, it is definitely in the same ballpark. Watts is getting buzz for her portrayal, but hers is the worst kind of Oscar-bait performance. Besides, whoever does her make-up deserves the kudos anyway. Outside of a very brief note at the beginning of the movie, no further context is provided about the scope of the tragedy or the fact that approximately 200,000 people died as a result of this natural catastrophe. If the movie had a brain, that would be an oversight.

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